Hair Loss Treatment – Minoxidil

Hair Loss Treatment for Men.  Minoxidil is a proven and well-trusted hair loss treatment.  Stop hair loss and start to regrow hair today with Kirkland Minoxidil.  Available in liquid or foam version, Minoxidil is approved by the FDA and MHRA Government Agencies as a treatment for Male Pattern Baldness.

Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss Treatment for Men - MinoxidilUK
Hair Loss Treatment for Men – MinoxidilUK

Hair Loss Treatment for Men, Minoxidil

Minoxidil is a Proven Hair Loss Treatment for Male Pattern Baldness

Most men experience hair loss as they get older, unfortunately for some men, it can start as early as their 20s.  Hair loss, or Male Pattern Baldness, is a genetic condition.  It occurs when your hair follicles convert the male hormone, ‘testosterone’ into another one, called ‘dihydrotestosterone’.  The affected hair follicles, usually on the crown (top of the head) and sides become less resistant to dihydrotestosterone, which causes the hair follicles to shrink, weaken and eventually, to die.   As the follicles shrink, hair production slows down and eventually, hair stops growing altogether.

But there’s great news!  Minoxidil is a proven hair loss treatment for men.  Regular application will slow down the weakening of the follicles and encourage regrowth of hair in follicles thought dead.


Visible Results in as Little as 4 Months!

Minoxidil really is the wonder drug for millions of men. Approved by government agencies in the UK and USA, it has been proven to stop hair loss and drastically increase hair regrowth in cases of male pattern baldness. See significantly visible results in as little as 4 months! If you are losing your hair, there is hope!

You won’t see new hair overnight. Minoxidil needs time to regenerate the growth in the follicles. Some studies indicate that a visible difference in hair growth can be as quick as eight weeks, but generally, the largest successes are seen in men after roughly 16 weeks of use. Be patient, it will happen.

Read more about the effectiveness and expectations of Minoxidil.

As with most medical treatments, following the application directions is crucial for optimum returns. Both the Foam and Topical Solution versions of Minoxidil need to be applied to DRY HAIR. This is important. Also, try to keep your hair dry for as long as you can, after application.

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