Androgenic Alopecia is a common form of hair loss in men, known as Male Pattern Baldness

Androgenic Alopecia

Androgenic Alopecia is the most common form of baldness in men.  Often called Male Pattern Baldness, it is the hair loss that up to 85% of Caucasian men will suffer, at some point in their lives.  But it can be treated!  Easily, too!  Kirkland Minoxidil is proven treatment for Androgenic Alopecia!

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Androgenic Alopecia

Androgenic Alopecia

Androgenic Alopecia is the genetic condition, known commonly as Male Pattern Baldness.  The GP Notebook describes it thus, “Androgenic alopecia is a non scarring, progressive miniaturization of the hair follicle which has a characteristic pattern of distribution.”

That “characteristic pattern” is one you’ve probably already seen – the thinning above the temples, creating the classic ‘M’ forehead and, of course, the dreaded ‘bald spot’ on the crown.

The cause of Male Pattern Baldness is not yet fully understood, although it is known that the tendency to become bald is related to genetics (your family history) and a substance called dihydrotestosterone (or ‘DHT’ for short).  Its genetic roots are clear, as it is seen to run in certain families, and while often associated with aging, it can occur in men as young as their late twenties.

Minoxidil is a Proven Treatment for Androgenic Alopecia

Kirkland Minoxidil has been proven and approved as a topical treatment for Male Pattern Baldness.

As the normally affected areas of baldness are greater and more exposed, we recommend the use of Kirkland Minoxidil Foam (not Topical Liquid) for the bald spot and forehead.  It’s easier to apply and more of the active ingredient (the Minoxidil itself) will get to where it’s needed – actually on the skin, not on the hair.

Shown in many medical studies and approved by the FDA (“The Food and Drug Administration”) in the US and by the MHRA (“Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency”) in the United Kingdom, Minoxidil has been shown to have a significant effect in stopping hair loss and regenerating hair follicles to start growth of new, thicker, stronger hairs.

Foam or Topical Liquid?

A  good question.  Both Kirkland Minoxidil Foam and Topical Solutions contain exactly the same active ingredient (the Minoxidil is the active ingredient) at exactly the same concentration – 5%.  There is a reason we discuss here, but specifically for use with Male Pattern Baldness, we recommend the Minoxidil Foam.

Why?  Well, the Minoxidil compound needs to applied DIRECTLY to the skin, so it will soak in to the hair follicles.  The Topical Solution version is applied with a small pipette, or dropper, which is great for smaller, more concentrated areas of hair loss, but with a bald spot, it seems better to us that the Minoxidil is applied more generally to a larger area.  A ball of foam in your hand will be more easily massaged in to the affected are.

Of course, there’s nothing to stop you using both versions!  Foam for the larger, less specific areas and Topical Liquid for those areas of particular attention – your hair parting line, perhaps, or around the temple area – and of course, with a beard.

What Can I Expect from Kirkland Minoxidil?

If you’re ready this page now, can we assume that you are suffering some hair loss?  Is it reasonable to say that your hair loss, “crept up on you”?  A lot of men think the same.  As the most prominent sign of Androgenic Alopecia is that bald spot on the top of your head, we often simply don’t see it, until it’s too late.

Your hair loss took time to develop – so will its regrowth!

Minoxidil Foam will work to reverse your hair loss, but it will not happen overnight.  That’s really important.  Almost all references on this point (and please, go and Google it!) say the best results are seen after 4 months of use, although some do say less time.

It may sound like a quite a long time, but think about it… 4 months, or sixteen weeks, is very likely significantly less time than it took for your bald spot to appear.

Be patient!  If you follow the instructions, you should see very good results from Minoxidil!

Read more about the application of Minoxidil and the expectations you should have.

Are there Side Effects?

“Rare and mild”.  The most common side effect is a redness and mild irritation on the skin, where the Minoxidil has been applied.  In the huge majority of cases, this is during the first week’s use and the effect will dissipate with time.  There’s a lot more to read about Minoxidil side effects here.

While not a “side effect”, some users see what appears to be further ‘shedding’ when first using Minoxidil.  In fact, some shedding of your hair during the initial stages on Minoxidil treatment is common – and actually a good sign!  Read all about why, here.

While experimental evidence, so far, is very good indeed, not everyone will benefit from use of Minoxidil.  Depending on the various data you may read, anything up to 70% of men with classic Androgenic Alopecia symptoms will see very favourable results – the halting of hair loss and the regrowth of new hair strands – after about 4 months use of Minoxidil.

The effects of Minoxidil take several months to develop and new hair growth may be limited, at first.  The regrown hair will be lost if Minoxidil treatment is discontinued.

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