Bald Spot Treatment

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Bald Spot Treatment.  Using Minoxidil to treat that bald spot on your crown is easy and, more importantly, it works!  As part of a healthy regime towards your hair, Minoxidil will transform how you see yourself!  Combine it with these simple ideas on being generally healthier, and having healthier hair!

Bald Spot Treatment

Bald Spot Treatment with Minoxidil

That bald spot just keeps getting bigger and bigger.  It’s no joke.  As part of the, almost inevitable, process of Male Pattern Baldness, your hair will thin out around the crown and above your temples, creating the classic V forehead.

It’s all in your age and your genes, BUT IT CAN BE STOPPED!

There is a safe, proven and effective bald spot treatment!  Minoxidil is an excellent treatment for Male Pattern Baldness, with countless studies confirming the efficacy of the drug.  But you can help even more, simply by making yourself a little healthier along the way!  Our recommendation is to begin a regular regime of Minoxidil application, combined with one or two tips for improving your overall health, so improving the health of your hair follicles.

Which Minoxidil?  The Liquid or the Foam?

A lot of the answer is just personal preference, but there are a couple of ways to help you decide.  Both Topical Liquid and Foam contain the active ingredient, Minoxidil, and that ingredient needs to be applied as close to the hair follicles as possible.  That’s right on your skin.  See the application guide.

If your bald spot is now almost hairless, we would recommend the Foam, simply as it’s a little easier to apply and can be rubbed in to your crown easily.

If you are seeing the most hair loss along your parting line, you might be better off with Topical Liquid, as it is applied with a dropper (a pipette), so can be targeted more accurately.

So What Else Can I Do for Bald Spot Treatment?

Once you Minoxidil regime is in place, consider increasing your all-over health with these simple tips.  You’ve probably heard of most of them, but it doesn’t hurt to reiterate!

Consider Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements

Biotin, B-Complex, Vitamin C, Omega 3 Oils and L-Lysine have all been shown to be particularly helpful encouraging hair growth.  We’re not advocating ALL these supplements, but if you can add some of these to your daily diet, it’s all for the greater good!  All these supplements are easily available in shops and online.

Scalp Massage

There are a billion massage oils and preparations – including instant coffee! – available for massaging your scalp, but at most, they will simply make what hair is there, look a little better.  It is true that massage, itself, promotes hair growth, but you could do that with just your fingers.  Part of the application of Minoxidil is the massage action when using, so we think you’re OK with this one!

Lots of Water, Lots of Good Food

We know, it’s all so much easier said than done, but a change to your daily diet and routine could be exactly what’s needed when you start Minoxidil treatment.  Remember, Minoxidil works, but not overnight!  The prescribed, “twice a day” application of Minoxidil can be combined with a routine of healthier eating – and plenty of fresh water!


If only!  What with work and the family, sleep is something of a luxury, but if you can find the time, sleep as much as you can!  Sleeping is the body’s natural recuperation time, when the wear and tear of the day is fixed.  A good night’s sleep helps the body in so many ways, including your hair follicles!

Stop Smoking and Drinking

If you either smoke or drink alcohol, you’ll already know how those words sound.  But they are, undeniably, true!  Each glass of beer and each cigarette makes you body a little weaker, a little more defenceless and a little more prone to ageing.  If stopping is just too much, try to cut down on your intake, knowing one missed cigarette might just be one more healthy hair!  This is an NHS page about quitting the filthy ash!

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