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Best Results from Minoxidil

Best Results from Minoxidil OG01

Best Results from Minoxidil.  There’s no overnight wonder cure for Male Pattern Baldness, but if you give Minoxidil a little time and a little commitment, it will absolutely work to stop further hair loss and begin the regrowing of hair in follicles thought gone.

Best Results from Minoxidil

We talk a lot about how to apply Minoxidil to get the best results, and we see many, many people asking about this very subject.

Like many things in life, it’s easy to say, not to easy to do.

Minoxidil will make a significant difference to your hair, if you follow the recommendations.  If you think you can cut corners, or rush things, the results you get will be a lot less.  We’re often asked, “How long should I use Minoxidil?”.  We understand what’s being asked, but it’s the wrong way to think about Minoxidil treatment.

It’s best to think about Minoxidil in the same way you think about exercise.  The more you go to the gym – and do proper exercises while there – the more benefit your body will get – the flatter your stomach, the bigger your shoulders, etc.

But if you stop going to the gym and exercising, all those good things will begin to fade.  The belly will return, the shoulders will start to shrink.

It’s exactly the same with Minoxidil.  When you stop applying it, your hair will (at best) go back to how it was, most likely to how it would have been without any Minoxidil.  Minoxidil isn’t cure, it’s a treatment.

Best Practice for Minoxidil Application

To get the best results from Minoxidil, follow the guidelines.  They are there for you benefit, not ours!

  1.  Always Apply to Clean, Dry Hair
    If you don’t thoroughly wash and dry your hair before application, the absorption of Minoxidil in to your scalp/skin will be lessened.  By a lot.  If you’re serious about reversing your hair loss, use a shampoo designed for the job.  There are a number of shampoos available containing Biotin, Niacin and even Argan Oil (that one seems to be good for just about everything) and if you need to shampoo, surely it’s better to shampoo with one that’s helping your hair.  Try not to use a hair dryer straight after washing.  Let you hair dry naturally, with the Minoxidil in it.
  2. Massage
    Once you have washed and thoroughly dried your hair, take the recommended amount of Minoxidil – 1ml from a dropper of Topical Solution, or ½ a cap full of Foam – and do your best to spread it evenly over the areas you are treating, and massage with your finger tips.  We’ve read that many people like to use those rubber gloves to apply Minox, and while we understand why – Minoxidil feels a little ‘oily’ on your fingers, and if it’s on your fingers, it’s not on your scalp where it should be – we’re not too convinced that this makes a tangible effect.
  3. Leave it Alone to Do It’s Job
    You’re nice and clean, you’ve carefully rubbed the Minox in to your skin!  Excellent!  What a waste it would be if you went jogging, sweated a lot and washed the Minox away.  The point now is to let the Minoxidil slowly soak in to your skin, so try to avoid anything that might stop, or hinder that process.
  4. Be Patient
    The most important recommendation, by a long way!  Your Male Pattern Baldness took a long time to get to where it has.  When the process of hair loss began, it’s unlikely you were even aware of it.  The Minoxidil works faster to restore healthy hair than it took to lose it, but it still takes time.  Almost everyone involved with Minoxidil – including Rogaine® – state that 4 months is the ideal length of time to be able to see results you will be happy with.



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