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Buying Minoxidil from Amazon

Buying Minoxidil from Amazon

Buying Minoxidil from Amazon.  On the surface, buying Minoxidil from Amazon might look like a good idea, but UK stocks are expensive and US stocks can cost a fortune to deliver.  

Buying Minoxidil from Amazon

Buying Minoxidil from Amazon

We try to keep an eye on what our competition is doing, and what we can do about it!  Today’s post is about Amazon.

A recent search on, for Kirkland Minoxidil returned just one option for a six-month pack of Liquid Solution, priced at £79.99.  Wow!  £79.99 plus £7.50 postage.  That’s a total of £87.49.  Our Kirkland Minoxidil costs just £32.93.  That includes delivery, too!

We took a look at too and found plenty of options, around the same prices as ours, but delivery to the UK was a problem.  Some suppliers offering postage and packing costs at over £40.00, taking days to arrive.  Our Kirkland Minoxidil will arrive within a day or two.

We think it’s what you might call a ‘no-brainer’.

We’re cheaper.  We’re more efficient with delivery.  We’re here, in the UK, ready to talk if needed.

Buy Kirkland Minoxidil in the UK

We have Kirkland Signature Minoxidil Topical Solution and Foam available in the UK, ready for speedy delivery throughout the mainland United Kingdom.  Our stock is always fresh – that’s important if you’re buying elsewhere – and well stored for maximum freshness.

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