Early Hair Loss

Early Hair Loss - Start your Minoxidil Treatment Early

Early hair loss in a young man can be a crippling condition.  Some young men will suffer the first stages of Male Pattern Baldness as early as their late teens.  Thankfully, it isn’t too common, but early cases of MPB are on the increase.

Early Hair Loss in Young Men

Early Hair Loss

As a man reaches his ‘middle’ age, he might expect to see some changes in his hair – thinning, receding, widening of parting, etc.  It’s something we see all the time.  But when a man is only 20 years old and sees the signs of Male Pattern Baldness, it can be a shock.

According to some research, early Male Pattern Baldness is happening more now, than ever.  One study in China (you can read the full article here) carried out in October last year, took a sample of 4,000 university students and found a staggering 60% of them showing early signs of MPB.  60%!  And these are young adults – dare I say it… kids!

Dr Fu Lanqin, dermatologist at the Peking Union Medical College Hospital in Beijing said, “Patients are losing their hair from the age of about 21 or 22, with the becoming obvious by 24 or 25.  My feeling is that this generation is losing its hair sooner than previous generations.”

Now of course, that’s China, not the UK, so some genetic factors may be a play, but further evidence from the USA is suggesting a similar – if not so extreme – rise too.   Dr. Andrea Hui, a San Francisco dermatologist, said that both men and women as young as 18 years old are asking her for help in combating hair loss.  Also, New York hairstylist Angelo David told the New York Post that an increasing number of his younger clients are expressing concerns with thinning hair and receding hairlines.

So what might cause such a sudden increase in young baldness?

Hormonal changes, various diseases and disorders can play a significant role, and stress is well-known to be the causes of hair loss in young men.

But your diet can also strongly influence your hair’s health.

A growing number of those choosing vegetarian diets may be affected. Research conducted last year by Texas physician, Dr. Emily L. Guo, indicated that those with a severely reduced protein intake are greatly more likely to suffer poor quality hair and hair loss.   Also cited were deficiencies in zinc, vitamin D, and other nutrients.

How big a factor is stress?

Big.  Stress is dreadful contributor to so many conditions, including early hair loss.

Whatever the cause of stress, your body’s reaction to it will be the production of cortisol (stress hormone), which in turn has been shown to massively contribute to hair loss.

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