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Hair Loss Cure – Minoxidil is the Best Choice

Hair Loss Cure – Minoxidil is the Best Choice OG01

Hair Loss Cure – Minoxidil is the best choice.  Maybe ‘cure’ isn’t the right word, but Minoxidil will absolutely reverse the progression of hair loss and, if treatment is started early enough – will stop the initial onset of the condition.  Minoxidil is the only hair loss cure/treatment that really works!

Hair Loss Cure – Minoxidil is the Best Choice
Hair Loss Cure – Minoxidil is the Best Choice

Hair Loss Cure

Hair Loss Cure

Hair Loss Cure

Men have been searching for an effective hair loss cure for years – even generations – with most options being little more than ‘snake oil’.  Minoxidil is different!  Minoxidil really works!

It’s understandable that many men will be a little suspicious of this ‘miracle cure’, and rightly so, with so many adverts offering hair loss cures.  But Minoxidil has been around for a long time now and has proven – time and time again – to be the most effective non-surgical treatment for Male Pattern Baldness.

Minoxidil was originally developed as a treatment for patients with high blood pressure, and was taken in tablet form.  However, during trials, patients noticed the odd side effect of excess hair growth.  This side effect prompted the chemical’s developers, Upjohn, to begin testing it as a treatment for hair loss.

And what a treatment it has become!  Minoxidil is now the number one, non-prescription treatment for Male Pattern Baldness in the USA and is very quickly becoming the same here in the UK.

Is It Really A Cure?

We don’t want to give the wrong impression – Minoxidil is a treatment, not a cure.  That means that, for the duration of its use, it hugely encourages the growth of hair in follicles thought long dead.  With a little patience and dedication, you will see NEW hair growth on your scalp and above your temples within just a few short months of application.

We shy away from the word ‘cure’ as this, kind of, implies that one application is all you need.  We wish that were the case, but the truth is that Minoxidil is only effective for as long as it is used.  If you stop applying it, all the effects will start to decrease.

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