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Hair Loss Prevention

Hair Loss Prevention - A Healthy Body Means Healthy Hair - MinoxidilUK

Hair Loss Prevention.  Left untreated, most men will see some signs of Male Pattern Baldness at some point in their lives.  But there are ways you can slow the process down.  Look after your hair and it will last longer!

Hair Loss Prevention

Hair Loss Prevention

Hair Loss Prevention

Most hair loss in men is simply as a result of predetermined genetic factors and the general aging process.  Many men will begin to notice mild hair thinning, starting in their 30s and 40s.  While perfectly ‘normal’ (ie. not as a result of trauma or disease), hair loss can do some considerable damage to a man’s confidence and general well-being.  Luckily, there are steps you can take to keep your hair for longer and, with Minoxidil, even regrow hair you thought lost.

Let’s look first at your overall health…

Diet.  Keep you Hair Healthy from the Inside.

Hair Loss Prevention - A Healthy Diet Means Healthy Hair - MinoxidilUK 02
Hair Loss Prevention – A Healthy Diet Means Healthy Hair – MinoxidilUK

As with everything else in your body, your hair follicles are affected by what you eat.  Protein is a major contributor to keeping your follicles healthy, after all, your hair is made of protein, specifically “keratin”, the substance that makes your hair, nails, hooves (if you have them!) and the outer layer of your skin.

Increasing the protein in your diet is good for all sorts of things, including how healthy your hair is.  If you are worried you may be showing the first signs of Male Pattern Baldness, try to put more protein in to your diet – red meat, poultry, fish, beans, nuts, that sort of thing.

Vitamins and minerals can also play a part.  Biotin is a common hair supplement, often called vitamin B7.  There is considerable disagreement about whether or not biotin, on its own, can help in the prevention of hair loss, but generally, the B-complex group of vitamins are critical for healthy skin – and hair.

“We produce more of our own B vitamins when we’re younger,” says Stephanie Middleberg, of Middleberg Nutrition, “and less as we age … and they’re key because they form the basis of your hair cells”.  There are a million-billion Biotin (Vitamin B7), you just need to Google it, but you can easily add Vit B7 to your diet.  A pack of nuts, eggs or oats for breakfast and sweet potato is a good source too.

Not a vitamin, but a mineral, Silica also will help strengthen your hair.  “Silica strengthens the body’s connective tissue—including hair” says Middleberg.  good natural sources include strawberries, celery, mango, leeks, cucumbers and green beans.

It should be fairly obvious, but a healthy diet helps all of your body, including your hair.  Now, just eating some steak and cucumber won’t suddenly give you your hair back, but including the above will absolutely increase your general health and the health of your hair.

Stress.  Lower it, Whatever Way you Can!

Hair Loss Prevention - Stress Makes you Hair Weaker - MinoxidilUK
Hair Loss Prevention – Stress Makes you Hair Weaker – MinoxidilUK

Stress does your body no favours at all.  It affects your mood, your body, your immune system, and your hair follicles.

One of the effects of stress is called “Telogen Effluvium”.  It isn’t losing your hair, it’s not growing new hair, to replace that which naturally falls out.

We talk about the stages of normal hair growth here, and the telogen stage is explained a little better, but very briefly, it is the ‘rest period’ for your hair, when old hairs tend to be shed, making way for newer hairs, in the normal growth cycle.  Telogen effluvium doesn’t actually cause hair loss, instead it causes the hair to stop growing, but within weeks or months of stress, affected hairs might fall out suddenly when simply combing or washing your hair.

Simply saying “lower your stress” isn’t too helpful, though.  It’s a lot easier said than done.  But we all know what works – a little regular exercise, better diet, maybe even a little meditation.

There are some stress-related hair loss condition of much greater seriousness, but for these we recommend you speak with your doctor.  As soon as possible.

Minoxidil.  A Proven and Approved Hair Loss Treatment.

Hair Loss Prevention - Minoxidil Treatment for Hair Loss - MinoxidilUK
Hair Loss Prevention – Minoxidil Treatment for Hair Loss – MinoxidilUK

Male Pattern Baldness can be managed – and managed very well!  Minoxidil is a tried and tested treatment for hair loss in men, as it stimulates the follicles with greater bloody flow, encouraging them to grow thicker, stronger, healthier strands of hair.

Start using Minoxidil as soon as you start seeing signs of thinning.

Check along your parting line, or part the hair and see the width of the line.  Is it getting bigger?  Can you see more skin than before?  Maybe your Male Pattern Baldness has already begun.  If so, you really should be thinking about making Minoxidil part of your every-day routine.

Minoxidil is the most popular hair loss treatment for men and Male Pattern Baldness.  It’s effectiveness is proven and approved and the Foam and Topical Liquids are used by many thousands of men, every day, who are making real progress in regrowing lost hair and halting the ‘natural’ hair loss process.

MINOXIDIL WORKS!  Try it today if you are losing your hair!

Other Oils and Shampoos.  Every Bit Helps.

Hair Loss Prevention - Shampoos and Oils - MinoxidilUK
Hair Loss Prevention – Shampoos and Oils – MinoxidilUK

Again, there are plenty of shampoos on the market.  The main ingredient in many is called “ketoconazole”.  According to Melissa Piliang, M.D., a hair-loss expert at the Cleveland Clinic in the USA,  “Ketoconazole is marketed as an anti-dandruff ingredient, but there’s solid research ketoconazole is an anti-androgen”.

None of these shampoos will regrow hair, but are designed to get your hair in to as healthy shape as possible, to reduce any hair loss.  Many aren’t too expensive, either, so changing from your normal Head & Shoulders, or whatever, shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Here are a few of the most popular used hair loss prevention shampoos…

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