Long Term Side Effects of Minoxidil

Long Term Side Effects of Minoxidil

Long Term Side Effects of Minoxidil.  On rare occasions, some men will experience some mild irritation when using Minoxidil, although the cause is usually a compound called Propylene Glycol, which is used to more effectively get the Minox to your hair follicles.

Long Term Side Effects of Minoxidil

Minoxidil is design for long term use, so while there are some mild and occasional side effects, none of them would be considered ‘long term’ side effects.  Most irritation is as a result of your body ‘getting used to’ the application of Minoxidil and tends to disappear within the fist two weeks.

No long term side effects of Minoxidil have been reported, apart from those men who have some abnormal reaction to the drug.  Thankfully, these cases are very rare.

If you suffer side effects – scalp itching, dryness, scaling, flaking, irritation, burning – during the first two weeks, this may just be your skin reacting to the Propylene Glycol, which will most likely go away quickly.  More serious – and significantly more rare – side effects can include weight gain, swelling of the face, ankles, hands, or stomach, difficulty breathing (especially when lying down), rapid heartbeat, chest pain and lightheadedness.  If you do suffer any of those symptoms for a longer period (more than 2 weeks), stop using Minoxidil straight away and speak to your doctor, as it may be an indicator of other problems.

Kirkland Minoxidil is a topical (applied to the skin) treatment and the majority of more serious side effects tend to be associated with oral Minoxidil, not topical.

Minoxidil was originally designed as a medicine to lower blood pressure (widen your veins), so those already suffering low blood pressure should really talk to a doctor first, although again, this is more to do with oral Minox, not topical.

A Good Rule of Thumb

Follow the instructions.  Applying twice as much Minoxidil will not work twice as well.  It will just double the possibility of side effects.

Apply the Minox Foam or Topical twice every day, using just 1ml (either in the dropper, or half a capfull of the foam) – to clean and dry hair.  Gently massage the Minoxidil in to your skin and leave for at least two hours, before getting it wet (or sweaty).

Medically Approved

Minoxidil has been approved both the American FDA and the MHRA, here in the UK.  Who are those people?!  You’ve probably heard of the FDA (the “Food and Drug Administration”) in the United States.  The MHRA is the United Kingdom Government’s equivalent, the “Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency”.

If a hair loss treatment has not approved by the MHRA or FDA, you are most likely wasting your time and money.  Minoxidil is also recommended by the American Hair Loss Association.  As far as we’re aware, there isn’t a UK equivalent.

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