Loniten. What is it? Is it Minoxidil?


Loniten. What is it? Is it Minoxidil?  Yes.  Loniten is a brand of Minoxidil tablet, taken orally, to lower blood pressure.  The acive ingredient, Minoxidil, is the same, but how it is used is so important.  Read why topical Minoxidil is far safer.

Loniten. What is it? Is it Minoxidil?

Loniten is a brand of oral Minoxidil tablet.

To be honest, we don’t know too much about this, other than we can learn from the internet.  It seems a handful of people have reported good results, but we’re not 100% convinced.  For the treatment of hair loss, Loniten seems to have just to many side effects and possible complications.

While the concentration of the active ingredient, Minoxidil, appear to be higher than the topical solution, the fact that the tablets need to pass through your stomach will mean much of this will not get to your hair follicles.

Let’s look at one person’s view…

“Sure its true that minoxidil lotion contains more mg of the stuff, but alot less than that actually reaches the follicle so the average per month is likely quite similar. Im using oral for convenience and consistency , im 20 and i dont care about my blood pressure ( will regret it someday ) i just need something to get me through my 20s and hopefully my 30s with a decent head of hair. So far ive just experienced shedding, but nothing crazy… yet. Hair is definitely a bit thinner ( even with a good thickening shampoo ) but i guess thats to be expected when starting minoxidil. Either way im staying hopeful.”

That’s a quote taken from this page… https://www.hairlosstalk.com/interact/threads/so-i-have-just-popped-my-first-loniten-pill.107691/

But read it again!  “I don’t care about my blood pressure”, say this apparently desperate user.  Now another truth… we here at MinoxidilUK.com are a commercial concern, we sell Minoxidil.  But we’re absolutely not interested in selling – or even promoting – something with such hazardous side effects.  Normal blood pressure is crucial to you very life – anything that might interfere with it is, as far as we’re concerned, out of bounds.

Kirkland Minoxidil is topical.  What does that mean?  According to Google, topical means “relating or applied directly to a part of the body.”  So we know Minoxidil is used to lower blood pressure, but when applied directly to the skin, these effects on blood pressure are almost negligible.  Taking Minoxidil orally will absolutely lower your blood pressure and, unless you’ve spoken to your doctor, wen do not recommend messing about with something so important.  We know you hair is important, but as important as your life?  No, we think not.

Play Safe.  Stick with Topical Minoxidil