Minoxidil Before and After

Minoxidil Before and After.  We’ve scoured the web to find some of the better examples of ‘before and after’ pictures of those using Minoxidil.  There are some real success stories out there, showing just how effective Minoxidil can be!

Minoxidil Before and After

With Minoxidil, it’s all about patience and commitment!  We know how hard it can be to stick to the recommended routine, so we though we’d show you a few pictures from the web for a little encouragement.  All the images below are credited, so you can go and read and make up your own mind about them, but we think these show a fair representation of Minoxidil users and their efforts to halt hair loss.

If any of our clients feel like sending us some before and after photos, please do!  Every good story is genuine encouragement to those just starting on their Minoxidil journey.

Minoxidil Before and After OG04

Just ten weeks of Minoxidil treatment!  From https://www.hairlosstalk.com/interact/threads/it-works-kirkland-5-foam-after-10-weeks-with-pics.76176/

This is a great example of just how effective Minoxidil cal be!  In just 2½ months, this guy’s hair is obviously so much fuller.  Great job!


Minoxidil Before and After

After 12 Months of Minoxidil (Rogaine) Use.  From https://www.holdthehairline.com/does-rogaine-work/

That’s a great result after just 12 months!  The crown is visibly fuller and the ‘island’ on this chap’s forehead is a lot less pronounced.  Excellent!


Minoxidil Before and After OG02

After 5 years on minoxidil solution 5% (Rogaine).  From https://www.bernsteinmedical.com/medical-treatment/patient-photos/

Five years!!  What commitment this guy has!  But look at the results!  His hair is clearly fuller and thicker!


Minoxidil Before and After OG03

6 Months of Kirkland Minoxidil Use on Beard and Mustache.  From http://beardstyle.net/minoxidil-beard-before-and-after/

For the beard growers… A 6 month case with Minoxidil and the beard is looking so much better!  Congratulations man!  Notice the patchiness has gone and the hairs and strong and thick.  Great ‘before and after’ photo.


The Effectiveness of Minoxidil

If you have yet to try Minoxidil for your hair loss, the most important question is probably, “Does it work?”  In short, yes!  Minoxidil has been proven – medically proven and approved – to be effective in slowing hair loss and encouraging significant hair regrowth in cases of Male Pattern Baldness.

If the above photos haven’t convinced you, perhaps the approval of the FDA in the USA and the MHRA, here in the UK will help!  Both, highly trusted, medical bodies have approved Minoxidil as an effective hair loss treatment.

The effectiveness of Minoxidil is not in doubt.  It has been shown to have clear and visible results in halting natural hair loss and significantly encouraging new hair growth.  In cases of Male Pattern Baldness, Minoxidil is a highly effective remedy.  Approved by the governmental agencies in the UK and USA, Minoxidil is the ‘number 1’ treatment for hair loss in men.

Start Early

For the best results, start your Minoxidil treatment as soon as you see the first signs of hair loss.  This might be hairs left on your pillow in the morning or on your hair brush after brushing.  If you think your hair is beginning to thin out, it’s most likely you’re showing the first signs of Male Pattern Baldness.  It’s most likely to affect those in ‘middle age’, but many much younger men can be affected by hair loss, some as young as their mid-twenties.

Very slowly, over time, your follicles will get weaker and weaker – so the hairs they produce will also be weaker, thinner and eventually, stop growing all together.  The quicker you expose your follicles to Minoxidil, the less they will have to repair, to begin healthy hair growth again.  It makes sense!  Read more.

How Long Before I See Results?

Most men will see noticeable improvements in head hair in about 12 weeks, or 4 months, of consistent Minoxidil use.  Thicker velus hairs on your crown (the top of your head) and at the sides of your ‘widows peak’ area.  We’re all different and we all react differently, but 12 weeks is generally considered to be the minimum period to see any difference.

Follow the Instructions for Best Results

This bit is really important.  If you don’t strictly follow the guidelines, you just won’t see the results other do.  Use Minoxidil two times, every day, once when you wake up and once before you go to bed.  Wash and dry your hair thoroughly before each application.

If you have something, use a hair loss treatment shampoo like Nizoral and a hair dryer on a mild (cool) setting.  Once dry, dab 1ml dose on to the affected areas and massage gently for a few minutes, to make sure the Minoxidil gets to where it’s needed – your follicles.  Some of our clients like to use those thin rubber gloves as Minox can be a bit sticky, but it’s not too important.

Nizoral is an excellent, medicated shampoo which helps a lot of men. It’s a good combo treatment for hair loss, but not so good on its own. Read more about using Minoxidil with shampoos like Nizoral here.

Once you have applied the Minoxidil – leave it alone and undisturbed for at least two hours, four hours even better.  Try not to sweat too much after application, we need the Minox to really soak in to your skin and water/sweat will just dilute the treatment.  Read more about effective Minoxidil application.


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