Minoxidil for Beards

Minoxidil for Beards

Minoxidil for Beards.  For a lot of men, growing a beard certainly isn’t easy.  You may be one of those lucky men, for whom a beard comes naturally, but for the majority, growing a beard can be tricky.  Minoxidil absolutely helps grow thicker, fuller beards!

Minoxidil for Beards

Minoxidil for Beards

Many men find it tricky to grow a decent beard.  A lot of it is to do with your genetics, a lot to do with your age and a lot to do with your overall health.  If you have a genetic disposition towards little or fine hair, you may always have problems growing a decent beard, but Minoxidil works on your facial hair in exactly the same way it might work on your scalp.  It increases blood flow to your hair follicles and forces your hair in to the ‘anagen’ phase of growth, producing thicker, healthier ‘terminal’ hairs.  Read more about hair growth phases.

If you find patchy areas in your beard, or the hairs are thin and ‘fuzz-like’ (like the ones you had in secondary school), you may just need a little help from Minoxidil.

Minoxidil works on the follicles in your face, in exactly the same way it does on the follicles on your scalp.  If applied correctly – and consistently – the Minoxidil will increase the blood flow to your beard follicles, increasing growth and overall quality of your beard hairs.

Application of Minoxidil for Beards

If you want to get the best results from Minoxidil – and why wouldn’t you?! – it’s so important to follow the correct application instructions.  We read it so often on beard blogs about those without the patience to apply properly and then, just give up.  A shame.

For beards, we absolutely recommend Minoxidil Topical Liquid.  The dropper (pipette) that comes with the liquid is the ideal way to get the active ingredient, directly where it needs to be.

Make sure your face and beard are 100% clean and dry.  Wash thoroughly and dry with a hair dryer, if you have one.

Take 1ml of Minoxidil in the dropper (it’s easily measured) and dab it on to your cheeks, chin and upper lip.  Now, take a little time to gently massage the Minoxidil in to your skin.  Use your finger tips, so as to get as little of the Minox on your fingers.  Some say using those surgical gloves is a good idea (they’re easily available from chemists), and we don’t advise against it, it just makes the routine a little more fiddly.

Anyway, spend a few minutes massaging your beard area.  Massaging in itself is a good idea, it helps increase blood flow to your skin and helps the Minoxidil to soak in.

If you can, avoid any sweating afterwards.  If your face sweats, you’ll just be washing the Minox away.  Keep your face clean and dry after application for at least four hours.  The longer the better.

How Long Before I See Results?

Be patient!  Growing a beard takes time and, while Minoxidil speeds up the beard growing process, it still won’t happen overnight.  Exactly the same as on your head, you can expect to see favourable results in a maximum of about 3-4 months.

We say ‘maximum’, because you may have grown a decent beard anyway and the Minoxidil has made the brand new ‘terminal’ hairs stronger, thicker and healthier.

Are There Side Effects?

A small percentage of men do experience some mild side effects using Minoxidil on their beard areas.  The majority of cases are mild itching and skin irritation, but this symptoms tend to be just within the first week, or two, of application.  The chemical Minoxidil isn’t responsible for this.  Any irritation is caused by another ingredient, propylene glycol, which is used to help the Minoxidil get in to your skin.

If you suffer irritation from using Minoxidil Liquid, you should try the Foam version.  The Foam was design not to include the propylene glycol, so will be significantly less irritating.  The active Minoxidil is exactly the same, it’s just a little more fiddly to apply the foam to your beard, especially if it has already grown in.  Read more about Minoxidil side effects.

Is There Anything Else I Can Do to Help Grow My Beard?

Loads!!  As mentioned above, massage is always a good idea, but there are plenty of products and supplements available which, on their own, may not especially improve hair growth, but in conjunction with a strict Minoxidil routine, will boost your hair growth.

You only need to Google “Beard Oil” to find a thousand products, containing things like jojoba oil, grapeseed oil and argan oil, all aimed at strengthening hair and promoting new growth and, while some products do claim to have restorative properties, the principle reason for any of these products is the massage effect and the conditioning of any existing hairs.  Generally, these products – which we absolutely recommend – tend not to actually grow new hair.  Minoxidil does.

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Minoxidil for Beards

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