Minoxidil for Facial Hair

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Minoxidil for Facial Hair.  We’re asked a lot… “Does Minoxidil grow facial hair?”  The simple answer… yes!  Minoxidil works on your hair follicles.  Wherever you have follicles, Minoxidil will improve the rate and strength of growth.  Your chin, top lip and cheeks all have lots of follicles, so lots of hair growth!

Minoxidil for Facial Hair

Minoxidil for Facial Hair

All of us humans have hair follicles all over our skin – with the exception of the palms of the hands, soles of the feet, and lips.  Hairy lips!!

Minoxidil (an antihypertensive vasodilator medication, originally developed to treat high blood pressure) has been shown to significantly increase hair growth and stop hair loss, and is generally used on the top of the head to combat Male Pattern Baldness.  But, as we say above, Minoxidil doesn’t care where the follicles are, it works just the same.

A man’s face is covered with hair follicles, ergo, Minoxidil will improve hair growth on your face – specifically beard and mustache, but sideburns and cheeks too.

Beards are a bit trendy right now, and have been for some time.  We have many clients using topical Minoxidil to get a better beard, and many are telling us about new growth and many visible vellus hairs, slowly turning to full terminal hairsWe’ve no doubt about the efficacy of Minoxidil for growing beards and facial hair.

Application of Minoxidil to your Face

We’re often asked which of the two types of Kirkland Minoxidil works best for facial hair – Topical Solution or Foam.  While there is no difference in the active ingredient, Minoxidil, there is a difference in their application.  We tend to think of the foam as being for larger, less hairy areas, while the liquid more for ‘spot’ treatment.  This isn’t always the case, of course, but as a ‘rule of thumb’, we generally recommend topical liquid for facial hair growth.

We had one recent client who told us how he used both Minoxidil versions to enhance his facial hair – and I have to say, I was impressed!

This client bought one can of Kirkland Minoxidil Foam to apply to his face for a month, while shaving normally.  Our first question was, “Why are you shaving AND using Minoxidil?”

His reply went along these lines, “I wanted to ‘prep’ the follicles for a few weeks, prior to letting it all grow.”  That got us thinking.

This initial, one-month period of Minoxidil was to stimulate his facial hair follicles, but also to avoid any patchiness caused by any shedding, and because Minoxidil Foam tends to have fewer cases of irritation, he was able to become more accustomed to the Minox.

After the month, he stopped shaving and switched to Minoxidil Topical Liquid for his ongoing treatment.

Sadly, we have no ‘before and after’ pictures, but it’s safe to say this was one happy client!  He is still a client and still uses Kirkland Minoxidil Liquid as part of a daily routine of beard maintenance – Minoxidil plus other conditioners, etc.

Professionally, this left us thinking, “Why didn’t we think of that?”.  Hmm.

Anyway, we maintain that, assuming you have some ‘beard action’ going on, the dropper (pipette) that comes with the Kirkland Minoxidil Liquid is a better delivery method, as the Minoxidil needs to be on your skin, not on your hairs.

One good idea is using those thin rubber gloves.  You can buy them from chemist shops everywhere and are great for massaging the Minoxidil in to your skin, without getting your fingers messy.


When applying Minoxidil (or anything else) to your face, be very careful not to get it in your mouth or eyes.  Minoxidil isn’t poisonous or anything, but it tastes terrible and it will sting your eyes.  If you do get some in your eyes, wash your eye with cold water as quickly as possible.  It’s gonna sting!

We’ve been asked about Minoxidil for eyebrows.  It will work, but this care must be stressed again, hen very close to your eyes.  BE CAREFUL!

How Long Will It Take?

That’s another very common question.  Sadly, there is no exact answer as we all have slightly different genetic makeups, but generally, the length of time before you will see any great difference is between 12 and 16 weeks.  Also, how do we quantify a beard?  Is 3mm long facial hair a beard?  Or should it be 6 inches or more to qualify?  We don’t know (and apologies for mixing decimal and imperial).

Many men will grow a beard, because they are too lazy/busy/uninterested to shave.  But we might not call this a beard, more of a scruffy mess.

A beard is a life choice.  It will take along time to grow one of those beards we see a lot, all over the internet.  Even if you are lucky enough to grow facial hair with no problems, Minoxidil will speed the process up and encourage thicker, stronger hairs.

If your beard is proving difficult – ‘patchy’ is a common complaint – Minoxidil will certainly help a lot.  We have many clients with good growth on their chins, but patchy and sometimes bald spots on their cheeks.  Applying a dab of Minoxidil Liquid to those areas absolutely stimulates better growth.

Are There Side Effects?

Thankfully, side effects of Minoxidil are rare and most frequently mild.  The few clients we’ve spoken to on this subject concur that the worst is most likely at the beginning of treatment, when your skin will be becoming accustomed to application.  These side effects are usually red skin, itchiness and occasional flaking of sensitive skin.  The skin on your face is quite delicate, compared to, say, the skin on your back.  For that reason, we say start slowly with the Minox.  Trial is on a part of your cheek, for a few days to see what happens.  It’s most likely nothing will happen, but if you prefer to be 110% sure, dab a spot of Minox on the same part of your face every day for 1 week.

Minoxidil for Facial Hair