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Minoxidil Review – Reddit User, JesusGreen

We’re always looking for good-news stories about Minoxidil and its users!  Here’s one we found while chatting on Reddit, from someone using 5% Minoxidil Liquid, at around the five-week period.  We couldn’t have put it better!

This is specifically for beard users, but notice the irritation in the first week or two, then how it disappears.

This message was posted at the beginning of August 2018.  He goes on to say…

On day 37 of liquid. Here’s a report of my journey so far:

  • Week 1: Very itchy skin, dry and flakey, looked like a snowman so many skin flakes were coming off. At Day 5 I noticed an increase in those completely see through early vellus hairs – but wasn’t sure if it was just me paying more attention to my face or if I was genuinely experiencing more growth. Also had a very rapid heart rate after exercise, and some dizziness.

  • Week 2: Dry skin got worse, much worse. I also trimmed some parts of my beard (namely moustache and soul patch) and the irritated skin from my trimmer combined with the Minoxidil to lead to some nasty raw skin that looked like a bad allergic reaction. Thought maybe Minoxidil wasn’t for me. Vellus hairs I noticed before have increased in length, and more have appeared. Definitely wasn’t imagining it. Heart rate calmed down a little but was still higher.

  • Week 3: Mysterious hand rash appeared on both hands and stayed for the whole week, was like a severe allergic reaction. I bought myself 200 disposable nitrile gloves so I could use them when applying Minoxidil in case it was irritating my hands. Still very worried that maybe I’m allergic to Minoxidil or PG at this point. Heart rate felt normal at this point.

  • Week 4: Hands cleared up, and so did my face. I get the occasional flake, but we’re talking like 1 or 2 little flakes in a day, vs my entire face flaking like crazy before. No irritation or itchiness. Suddenly a bunch of the vellus hairs on my face have started to take on a light brown colour. They’re very short and not visible except up close, but Minoxidil has definitely brought me new hairs that I’m confident will eventually turn terminal! Seemed like this happened in a burst too, like over a 3 day period all of the brown hairs appeared (not sure if they were new brown hairs, or if the previous clear hairs turned brown, not really sure how it works).

  • Week 5: Some of the new brown hairs are getting longer. I can also see a few more little ones appearing.

Before I started my face was an absolute patchy mess on the best of days. Now it doesn’t look a lot better from a distance, but up close you can see basically all of the patchy areas have new growth.

I’ve also observed that how much you apply and where does seem to matter. I always apply most to my weakest areas, and for a while was applying a drop more on the weaker cheek. That cheek was the one that first saw the sudden spike of new brown hairs. So as an experiment I started applying the extra drop to the other cheek, and within a couple of days I had a burst of new hairs there in the spot where I added the extra drop.

Might have just been a coincidence, but I do think it is worth focusing more of the solution on your weak spots. 🙂

Loving the journey so far. First 3 weeks were sucky for side effects, but now that they’re gone I’m really excited to see where this’ll go.


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