Minoxidil with Dermaroller

Minoxidil with Dermaroller

Minoxidil with Dermaroller.  We hear about this a lot and, frankly, we’re not convinced.  In fact, the tiny needles used to puncture your skin will, most likely, increase the chances of irritation from the Minox.  Tell us if you think we’re wrong, but we say ‘maybe not’.

Minoxidil with Dermaroller

Are you using, or thinking about using, a dermaroller with your Minoxidil?  Maybe think again.

As far as we can find, there is no evidence that using a dermaroller with Minoxidil will have any greater effect than using the Minoxidil on its own.  In fact, because of the slightly invasive nature of the dermaroller, you may find yourself having some irritation from the tiny needles.

Using a dermaroller, your skin will be punctured, only a little, but punctured nonetheless.  This will only irritate your skin and you will bleed – perhaps only a little and perhaps because you might apply a little too much pressure.  Either way, this isn’t good.  Minoxidil is a TOPICAL solution.  ‘Topical’ (in this case, there are other meanings of the word) means “applied directly to a part of the body”, and when your skin is punctured, the Minoxidil will mix with your blood.  That really isn’t what’s needed.  Minoxidil shouldn’t be in your blood.

If you’re not familiar with dermarollers, take a look at the pictures on Google.  They are a little rolling device with tiny needles on the roller, designed to very slightly puncture the skin.  The idea is that your skin and hair follicles will be damaged, just a little, encouraging them to heal themselves.

We’ve also read of many people asking about missing a day’s Minoxidil treatment, in place of a day using the dermaroller.  No!  We say no.  You will simply further irritate your skin.  For the minority that do suffer some mild itching at the start of Minoxidil use, the irritation will only be greater.

There are one or two, truly horrific, pictures on Google, of those who have used dermarollers.  Search for it yourself, but be aware, there is blood.

Some Minoxidil with Dermaroller Science

We read blogs and forums a lot and have seen many folk either asking the question, or talking about using a dermaroller.  We’re not at all convinced.  A user on HairLossTalk.com says (referring to Minoxidil), “Its (Minoxidil) molecular weight is 209.248 g/mol while everything below 500 g/mol can penetrate the skin.”

Assuming that’s true, the absorption of Minoxidil in to your skin will happen just as well without any further encouragement – especially encouragement of such a damaging nature.

Sensible Application of Minoxidil

You don’t need the dermaroller and it will, most likely, it will cause irritation.  Maybe bad irritation!

Minoxidil has been studied, time and time again, in the USA and here in the UK.  It is approved for treating Male Pattern Baldness, but only as directed.  Follow the instructions for the best results from Minoxidil.

  1. Wash and dry your hair thoroughly before application.
  2. Apply twice every day, once first in the morning and once last thing at night.
  3. Use the directed amount, 1ml of topical solution, and gently massage in to the affected area of your head.
  4. Make sure your hair stays dry, free of sweat or rain, or whatever, for at least 2 hours, preferably 4 hours.

Read more about the application of Minoxidil.

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