Minoxidil2U_com Gone Missing

minoxidil2u.com have disappeared!  We don’t know why, but minoxidil2u.com seem to have gone from the web!  Their website isn’t working and we aren’t seeing any eBay listings.  If you are a minoxidil2u.com customer looking for a better supplier, we’re here to help!

Minoxidil2U.com have Closed Shop!

Article Date: 20th August 2018.

A few days ago, we noticed that one of our competitors, Minoxidil2U.com, appear to have stopped selling Minoxidil.  It appears their website has gone offline and we can find none of their listings on eBay.  Of course, we’re hoping it’s just temporary, but it looks like minoxidil2u.com have gone away.

A reliable source of fresh Minoxidil is important if you are in the middle of treatment!  We have your back!

If you are a minoxidil2u.com client, don’t worry!  We’re here to help!  We stock the freshest Kirkland Minoxidil, all ready for FREE, next day delivery throughout the United Kingdom!  Our Kirkland Minoxidil is available in both topical and foam versions, with prices better than Minoxidil2U.com’s!

If you’ve been let down by minoxidil2u.com, MinoxidilUK.com can help you!

Minoxidil2U_com Website Today
???  The Minoxidil2U.com Website Today (20th August 2018).


Are You a Current Minoxidil User?

Fantastic!  We hope you’re getting great results and, perhaps, look forward to welcoming you to our shop!  MinoxidilUK.com is the best option for Kirkland Signature Minoxidil products!  We have the best prices and offer FREE delivery within mainland UK.  Our stock is always fresh and our reliability is second to none!


‘New to Minoxidil?  Here Are a Few Pointers

If you think it’s time to do something about your MAle Pattern Baldness, there are a number of things you could try, but only one that actually works, without expensive and/or painful treatment.  Minoxidil 5% has been shown, time and time again, to halt the progress of hair loss and stimulate old hair follicles in to life again, growing new, thicker, stronger hair!

Approved in the USA by the FDA and here in the UK by the MHRA, Minoxidil is a substance called an ‘antihypertensive vasodilator’, which is designed to treat high blood pressure, but which has shown significant results in stopping hair loss caused by Male Pattern Baldness.

If you’re starting to notice the first signs of hair loss – extra hairs on your hair brush or on your pillow in the morning, then now is the time to start your Minoxidil treatment!

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