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Start Minoxidil Treatment Early

Start Minoxidil Treatment Early

Start Minoxidil Treatment Early.  As a man goes through the prolonged stages of Male Pattern Baldness, the follicles stop growing new hairs and, eventually, they die.  Once a follicle has died, nothing can be done to restart its hair growth.  Minoxidil will work on old, damaged follicles, but not absolutely dead ones.

Start Minoxidil Treatment Early

Early Treatment = Better Results

As soon as you notice the stray hairs on your pillow in the morning, check you hair for thinning at the temples, crown and parting line (if you have one).  If you see any loss of hair or see more scalp, then right now is the time to start Minoxidil treatment.  The earlier you start, the better the results.

As the follicles in your skin slow down the production of new hairs, they become weaker and weaker and eventually stop functioning all together.  Once the follicle is dead, it will not grow any more hair, at all.  This is why we keep saying that Minoxidil is not a “cure”.  It is a treatment which will, without question, stop further hair loss dead in its tracks, and promote new hair growth in follicles that are still active.

If you’ve been as bald as a bowling ball for the last 30 years, you may be beyond the reach of even Minoxidil.  If you’re just beginning to see the first signs of Male Pattern Baldness, do it today!  It will work!

Make Minoxidil a Routine

Getting in to a Minoxidil routine is important.  Once you’ve decided to start, keep with it.  Applying the foam or solution two times per day, to clean dry hair, will absolutely promote new hair growth, and will be quite visible within about 12 weeks.

It’s always far easier to say than to do, but if you can, make your Minoxidil application pat of your daily routine.  Let’s start with your morning shower.  Clean and dry your hair thoroughly and dribble 1ml of Minoxidil from the dropper on to the affected areas of your head, massage it in gently and style as usual.  If possible, try to avoid anything that might make your scalp sweat for at least four hours.  If you sweat, the Minoxidil will dilute and be less effective.  There is also some frequent mention that one should try to stay out of direct sunlight for the same four hours, but we’re not sure about that.

At night, repeat the same procedure.  Wash and dry your hair (it really is important that your hair is clean and dry before applying Minoxidil) and massage another 1ml in your scalp.

Read more about the best application of Minoxidil.

Whats that ‘Shedding’ I Keep Hearing About?

That’s right… as a normal part of its working, in the first week or two, Minoxidil will cause your follicles to shed any old, weak hairs, ready for new, stronger, thicker ones to grow.  Shedding is s common complaint and, possible the biggest reason people will stop using Minoxidil – however wrongly.  It is part of the process of getting fuller terminal hairs growing and not something to panic about.  Read more about shedding here.

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