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You’re buying some Minoxidil?!  Great news!  If you place your order before midday (12 noon), any weekday, we will ship the same day, so you get your Minoxidil order the following day!  And it’s FREE throughout the UK (read more delivery and some restrictions).

Are you a First Time Minoxidil User?

If this is your first time looking at Minoxidil, you might want to read a little about how it works and if it works. We understand!  Minoxidil is now the UKs Number 1 hair restorer.  You’ve probably heard of Rogaine®?  Well, the only active ingredient in Rogaine® is Minoxidil – exactly the same stuff!  Exactly.  Rogaine® is just a trading name, or brand, the compound that actually makes your hair grow is exactly the same thing.

The only difference?  Rogaine® is more expensive.  A lot more.

What to Expect from Minoxidil

If you’re serious about getting your hair back, follow just these two rules…

  1. Apply Minoxidil TWICE EVERY DAY.
  2. Be patient.

Follow the recommended routine for applying Minoxidil, for the best results, then wait a while.  Minoxidil takes around 3-4 months before you will be able to see a clear and positive improvement.  In as little as a few weeks, though, you will see new ‘vellus hairs’ and within 12-16 weeks, you’ll see fully matured, thick hairs.

Which is Best?  Solution or Foam?

It depends!  Minoxidil Solution is designed to be applied with a dropper, or pipette, so is perhaps better suited to smaller areas of hair loss, like your parting line, or s smaller bald spot on the top of the head.  Foam is a little easier to apply to larger areas, like a larger bald spot.  Read all about which would be the best for you.