FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions about Minoxidil Hair Loss Treatment

FAQs about Minoxidil

FAQs about Minoxidil.  Almost every question about Minoxidil is asked frequently.  This entire website does its best to answer the frequently asked questions about this genuine ‘wonder drug’ treatment for Male Pattern Baldness.  That said, here are the questions in a brief list, with links to the various information.

FAQs about Minoxidil

FAQs about Minoxidil

This FAQs page is a brief overview of the many pages on this website, with links for further reading.  We hope your questions are answered!

  1. Does it Work?
    Oh yes!!  The compound ‘Minoxidil’ has been around for some time now, with plenty of medical and patient evidence to prove it.  As we mention a lot on this site, the level of effectiveness of Minoxidil is so much to do with its application.  Follow the instructions, be patient and you will see new hair growth in, roughly, four months.
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  2. How Long Does it Take to Work?
    It took some time for your baldness to appear, getting it back takes time, too!  Be patient with Minoxidil.  According to most evidence, the best results will be seen from about 4 months into treatment.  Some men will see some difference sooner, but we’d rather not get your expectations up.  Four months is long enough for the Minoxidil to do its thing!
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  3. Honestly, Does it work?
    YES!!  We can’t stress this enough… if you use Minoxidil for Male Pattern Baldness as described, your hair follicles will show increased hair growth.  Approved in both the US (the FDA) and UK (the MHRA) as a valid treatment for Male Pattern Baldness, Minoxidil has been clinically tested and proven to be a treatment to halt further hair loss and stimulate new hair growth.
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  4. Why Foam and Topical?  What Gives?!
    Good question.  It depends on a couple of things, but very quickly, Topical Liquid contains an added chemical to which a few patients had some mild irritation.  This ingredient was removed in the Foam version, while keeping the same concentration and effectiveness.  Foam is also better suited to larger areas of hair loss (the bald spot on the top of the head, for example) and Topical Liquid more suited to smaller, more precise areas (hair parting line, beard, etc.).
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  5. How Do I Use It?
    If you can, make it part of an easy, daily routine.  The best results will be seen if you use the Minoxidil two times per day – once in the morning and once before you go to bed.  We understand, your day is busy, but if you can find the time, pay a little attention to the application.  Make sure your hair is dry – effectiveness is increased with application on to dry hair – and massage it in a little to stimulate the follicles.  It’s worth the effort!
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  6. Why Am I Going Bald Anyway?
    That’s a big question.  And there could be a hundred answers.  If you fall in to the most common segment of balding men, you are probably at the mercy of your genes and suffering what is commonly referred to as “Male Pattern Baldness”, medical term, “Androgenic Alopecia”.  There could be other reasons, Alopecia Areata for example, but Minoxidil may not be a suitable treatment for these conditions.  Know your enemy!  Then you can defeat it!
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  7. Are There Any Side Effects?
    There can be some side effects, yes, but as we say A LOT on this side, they are “rare and mild”.  The most common side effect is a mild redness and itchiness in those areas where the Minoxidil is in direct contact with the skin.  This irritation tends to be generally at the beginning of a course of treatment and should disappear after a week, or two.
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  8. But I’ve Read About ‘Shedding’.  That Sounds Bad!
    Too right!!  Just Google the subject and you will read about the apparent – and unexpected – loss of hair when first using Minoxidil.  Often called ‘shedding’ this really is a part of the treatment phase!  We spent some considerable time putting thi6s page together, to do out best to explain exactly what it is and why it happens.  As counterintuitive as it may sound, if you suffer some increased hair loss at the beginning of your treatment, it may be a sign that you will get the best results later.
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  9. OK, You’ve Convinced Me.  How Much Does It Cost?
    Getting that full head of hair doesn’t cost much, either!  You can spend less than £10 per month and, assuming you keep with the programme, you should see significant results after just four months.  Buy more, get better prices!  As with most things, the more you buy at once, teh cheaper those things are.  We recommend the 6 or 12 months supplies, then you always have your Minoxidil on hand and you get the best prices!!
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  10. Alright.  How Do I Order?
    Just select which type of Minoxidil you think best for you – see Minoxidil Foam vs Topical, if you’ve still to decide – and click the ‘Buy Now’ button.  We use PayPal for all orders, because they are 100% safe and secure.  You don’t need an account, just pay with a valid credit or debit card.
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Well, we hope your FAQs page has helped you a little.  Naturally, you can get in touch through our Contact Page, if you have any questions regarding ordering and delivery, etc.

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