Minoxidil 5 % Extra Strength

Minoxidil 5 %.  5% is the concentration of the compound, Minoxidil, found in Kirkland signature Minoxidil – and many other products.  There is a 2% version, mostly aimed at women, but the 5% solution is considered the ‘extra-strength’.

Minoxidil 5 % Foam and Liquid

5% Extra Strength!

Minoxidil 5 pc Extra Strength - Buy Now from MinoxidilUK
Minoxidil 5 pc Extra Strength – Buy Now from MinoxidilUK

Minoxidil 5 % Extra Strength

Often touted as “extra-strength”, Minoxidil 5 % (percent) describes the concentration of the active Minoxidil, in the foam and liquid products.

Is it really “extra-strength”?  Well… sort of.  You will find that most Minoxidil products now have a 5% concentration, although earlier versions were just 2% concentration.  It has been advised on many websites say that the 5% solution may cause unwanted hair growth in women, but we’re here for men’s hair growth, not women’s.

5% is the standard Minoxidil concentration for men’s hair loss treatment.    As far as we know, higher concentrations are not available.

Talking of higher doses…

How to Use Minoxidil

Apply the 5% solution – either Foam or Liquid just twice every day.  Once in the morning and once before you go to bed.  Do not use more than is recommended – your hair regrowth will not be any better and you may increase the chances of some mild skin irritation.

It’s important, really.  Follow the instructions for the best hair regrowth gain!  Read more on this here.

Male Pattern Baldness

Male Pattern Baldness

Male Pattern Baldness is a problem for up to 85% of men.  85%!  That’s a lot.

Until recently, it was simply a mark of age and nothing – contrary to many adverts – could be done about it. The discovery of Minoxidil has changed all of that – for good! Minoxidil halts the onslaught of Male Pattern Baldness and even reverses it, allowing new hair to grow where it might have gone forever. You can beat Male Pattern Baldness!

Is Minoxidil a Cure for Male Pattern Baldness?

“Cure” isn’t the right word. Applying Minoxidil once will not regrow your hair, forever. Minoxidil is a topical treatment, not a cure.

Continued application of Minoxidil will, absolutely, reverse the signs of Male Pattern Baldness. At first, it will dramatically slow down the process of hair loss, then after time, will ‘kick-start’ your follicles to begin to regrow hair once lost. If you stop using Minoxidil, your baldness will begin to reappear.

Read more about Male Pattern Baldness.

Approved by the Food and Drug Administration in the US and by the Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency here in the United Kingdom, Minoxidil is a proven and well-trusted treatment for Male Pattern Baldness.  It also helps beards too!

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