Minoxidil Foam

Minoxidil Foam or Topical Liquid?

Minoxidil Foam is better applied to larger areas of skin.  For example, the bald spot on your pate is better suited to the Foam, as the purpose is to get the active Minoxidil right on to the follicles of the skin.

One half capful of foam, massaged in to the scalp is sufficient for one application.  Perform this application two times per day and you will see significant – and visible! – results in less than four months.

Ultimately, either version of Minoxidil will have the same effect, assuming you follow the application instructions, so the choice of one or the other is entirely your choice – which do you prefer?  That said, due to the applications in different areas, we advise foam for larger areas, liquid for more specific application.

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